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NEWS 2017

copyright Pirkko Ranta-aho

Hollandroy Raggamuffin

copyright Pirkko Ranta-aho







Pentuja odotetaan marraskuussa 2017 - puppies expected in november 2017

CH Pokenas Fonzzy x Woodenshoe´s Silverstar




FAQ: Hollandroy DS offspring ( % / 100%)

Not included latest litter due to young age, also included results from abroad and not labradors.

Champions       15%
BH / VZH           10%
Hips                   95%
Elbows              90%
Back exams      20% official since 2012.
                           60% unofficial
Charactertests  50%
Eye exams         20%
Shows                80%
CC, CaCIB          45%
Thyroid exam     60%
Sports; agility,    60%
obedience, working

I am happy with these statistics. Wonderful families that pay attention to their dogs wellbeeing and have their dogs tested and examined for health, breed type and character! So very grateful!!
Also should be noted that the litters born have a low inbreeding coefficient (7 generations) as follows:
0.41,2,39,0,43, 1,63, 1,11, 1,14, 1,14, 0,05
and 6,40 %.



Health and other scores from 2016:

  • Hollandroy Razmatazz
    HD A/B OD 0/0 back clear

    Hollandroy Rock n Roll HD B/C OD 0/0

  • Hollandroy Zassafrass FI EE LV CH RigaW-15

  • Hollandroy Bounzing Bella HD A/A OD 0/0back SP 0 VA 0 LTV 0 eyes clear charactertest+168 +++ full points on shooting


  • Woodenshoe´s Silverstar HD B/B OD 0/0 eyes clear; moderat occlusio, fibrae latae, laminae,back SP 0 VA 0 LTV 1 charactertesting + 128 +++ full points on shooting


  • Il est Roy du Hameau des Trois Fontaines HD A/A OD 0/0 eyes clear, thyroid ok, charactertesting + 174 not qualified on shooting. CC & BOB



Litter plans 2017!

Hollandroy Bounzing Bella OR Hollandroy Tyske
x Hollaenderhuset´s Buddy

copyright Hannah Henriksson
                                                 copyright Pia Wiggers

August 2016

Soon the small ones are ready to leave to start their lives in their new homes. Time flies!

We had three females - all nicely colored, they have good conformations and best of all such good characters. Time will tell what becomes of these ladies.

Sadly I had to let too many people down by not beeing able to deliver the promise of a puppy due to a small litter. Let´s hope it works out next time ok!

Grateful and exited about the new homes of these three. All the best a good luck in the future

Presenting X litter pups:

copyright Pirrko Ranta-aho

Hollandroy Xtravagant Influence

copyright Pirkko Ranta-aho

Hollandroy Xtreme Dream

copyright Pirkko Ranta-aho

Hollandroy Xtra Special


Puppies expected to be born  14 -15 june 2016 from

Il est Roy du Hameau des Trois Fontaines "Ile"
HD A/A OD 0/0 eyes clear, mentality description, CC and BOB, VG at Club Show, active in sports like tracking and also training bite work.


BH Hollandroy Tyske "Piina"
HD A/A OD 0/0 eyes clear; dichtisiasis mild, back clear, Finnish charactertest +128 full points in shots, 2 x CC, BOB, BOB & BIS2 from Club Show/Mieke van Viegen-Rappange

kuva Ritva Mikkonen

Both parents tested on hypothyreosis/Thyroid: clear/-2015
Hollandroy Bounzing Bella "Kirppu" HD A/A OD 0/0 eyes clear

kuva Rotva Mikkonen

kuva Pirrko Ranta-Aho

A new dog has arrived in january to Hollandroy from Belgium! Merci bien Alisone!

Opeyemi "Randa" (Jova du Bois de Müres x Lèila du Bois de Müres)

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