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On this page you can read about our previous litters, their achievements and health checks/issues.

All our pups are raised with love and dedication. For us it is a certanty that the future generations of Hollandroy dogs get the best possible start in their lives, proper care and that they are placed in suitable, active homes where they can live happy and healthy lives. We do our best to socialize, accustom them in noice and different people, children and they get to spend as much time as possible discovering their surroundings and outdoors. We even try to accustom them with car rides, other dogs and different materials/underlay.

All litters are registered, ID-tagged, dewormed several times, they have a health check done by a veterinarian and a puppy test issued to try to sort out each pup´s stregths and weaknesses to be able to place them in suitable homes.

When the puppies leave for their new homes follows written instructions and help for raising the puppy. There also follows a lot of other relevant extras, some puppy food for starters and toys for the little ones.

I engage in the whole life span of my dogs, I am interested in knowing how they are doing and like to recieve pictures and I invite all Hollandroy memebers to yearly kennel happenings where I try to offer possibilities to get advise in training/briging the puppy to adulthood and beyond.

Anyone is welcome to our happenings to join in!

Happy to give further information, please make an inquiry or contact for more details!

Please choose above to read about previous litters!

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